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Tove has big, big dreams and works hard every day to make those dreams come true, but also maybe she'd just like to spend some time with her friends every once in a while. She's also not sure about all this "saving the world" nonsense. She also loves her little brother Dag a whole lot,which is why she has to take him down a peg at every opportunity.


Plemb has dark secrets and a shady past. She considers Tove her best friend, but worries she might not feel the same way back. Perhaps Plemb can prove herself worthy. This probably isn't a healthy approach to friendship.


Charlie and Tove go waaaaaaaaaay back. He's basically the chillest dude ever. Someday he hopes to be a navigator for a starship. Charlie always plays support in video games.


Ritna is another one of Tove's old friends. They've drifted apart recently because Ritna just... drifts. They're very spacey. If you weren't looking for them you probably didn't notice they were there in the first place. Ritna likes to draw.


Dag lives for the day when he manages to one-up his sister in something. He'll get his due someday. It's only a matter of time. In the meantime he takes his aggression out in video games, which he enjoys with his best and only friend Isaac.


Isaac doesn't ask for a lot, just that people think and act reasonably. Generally speaking, it's reasonable to let Isaac play as much of his favorite game Ultra Fighter as he wants. He's good at fixing robots, but as far as he's concerned it's nothing special and everyone should be able to do it.


Terra has had just about enough of her brother, Isaac. She's had just about enough of people altogether. She and Isaac are twins, so it's not fair that her mother treats her like the older sister, making her responsible for her younger brother. Terra just wants to DANCE.


Watt's year of manufacture is the same as the rest of his friends, but at his young age he already seems much more world-weary. Or maybe he's just quiet. Watt's lagging behind his friends in size because his parents can't afford to upgrade him to a bigger chassis, but he doesn't mind.


Craggo is a mystery. No one knows where this thing came from. No one knows how old it is. It just showed up one day and started performing skateboard tricks, and now it leads a gang of children. Is this okay???


Professor Rocksalt has wanted to get down in those caverns beneath the city of Little Star his whole life. He has a small team of grad students to help him do it. Dr. Rocksalt is easygoing, but he doesn't take any guff.


Boxel needs to calm down. If Little Star had much need of a military, he'd be in it, but it doesn't, so he bangs rocks with a pick instead. Perhaps the enemy he fears lies... underground?


Hela's here because she needs the extra credit.


Cranberry is a big old dog. He's the biggest old dog that ever did be.

Dr. Sterling

Dr. Sterling is dad to Tove and Dag, and he is father to many plants. As a botanist he feels he has a duty to drag his children to the mountainside to look for weird plants. Dr. Sterling believes that riding a motorcycle makes him look very cool, and he's right.

Dr. Rotbam

Dr. Rotbam is father to Ritna and Dr. Sterling's co-worker. He has another child who should turn ripe any day now. Despite having so much in common with Ritna, Dr. Rotbam struggles to think of things to say to them. Which is a funny coincidence, because Ritna struggles to think of things to say to their dad.

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