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Chapter 2 - Page 137
Posted June 1, 2019 at 06:06 pm

May 31st, 2014 was the day Tove was launched onto the internet, which makes today the day AFTER Tove's fifth anniversary. OOPS! Almost made it. 

During that five long years of drawing this comic, I never paused at any time to consider designing some merchandise for my pride and joy. UNTIL NOW!!! I am pleased to announce a whole bunch of new shirts that you can check out now at Hiveworks' own store. Every one of these designs was lovingly and excruciatingly crafted over a period of months to guarantee only the best look for your torso. My number one rule in coming up with these was "If I wouldn't wear it in public, I wouldn't sell it."

Thank you everyone for sticking with me and continuing to read my comics for all these years. Over that time it's grown from a comic I was proud of to a comic that looks almost completely different but I'm still very proud of. There's still a lot more of this story to come (seriously, I've scripted out over 100 pages before the chapter ends). Cheers!

Tags: Trest, Boxel, Hela
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